Selling a house shouldn’t be an extremely difficult process, so as we are investors, working directly with us will make it 10 time easier, as we will buy the house ourselves and make sure it goes well for everyone involved! The best part of selling with us is simply how easy it goes, as we take care of everything. Do keep in mind that this year has presented itself as a seller’s market, and if you are in the lookout to sell your home and buy a new one you’re in luck, as it will most likely go wonderfully for you and you will be able to do as you were planning with it. But don’t worry if your home also comes with any issues such as liens and violations, because in those cases we will work around it to make sure you get the best of it, and so do we!


Send it over!

Send us your information along with the information of your property, and how much you would like to get from your home, remember we are going to still do our own analysis to see if it fits what we are looking for!


Time to see it!

Most likely we would love to go check the house out, so we are going to schedule an appointment with you as soon as we can!


Let’s put an offer and sign a contract!

After we are ready to move forward we will send you our offer along with a contract for you to sign, once you accept it we are more than ready to move along towards a closing.


Closing time!

We will handle it all, so it’s a pretty hands off situation for you! We will work with the best title company around and will make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible for all parties involved!


Now it’s time to buy!

You’re finally done selling your home, now is time to buy a new one, and for that we are also here to help you out! Head over here if you want to start that process as well!!

Send us the property information of the house you’re planning to sell!