Achieving an early retirement is the dream for many of us, by the sweet age of 30 to be done with everything, living and loving life, and the answer is easier than most people think, you want to bet what it is? Real Estate! I bet you’re thinking, wow, shocking, more people pushing their niche upon me, but listen to me, that’s not the case at all! In this blog post, I’m going to give you the answers you are looking for when it comes to wealth!

First of all, yes, working Real Estate does offer the option for you to actually a) get rich and b) retire soon, but how exactly does that work? Why do we keep saying is all said and done and quickly ready to go? If it was that way, everyone would do it and get over it in 10 years max, that is if they start working at 20 years old in the field! While yes it is true that for some people it works that way, it is always a mixture of luck and hard work what will drive you into an early retirement, if retirement at all! Let me explain to you what I mean by this: Doing what you love for the purpose of money can give you enough drive to get towards success, and for many, success is not an early retirement but a freedom to choose how and when to work, this is the actual retirement you should strive for in Real Estate!

I can (almost) guarantee you, that no matter when you start on Real Estate, a year after that, you will be able to stop working a 9 to 5 and meet what is known as employment freedom, aka, working with you and for you! It is a scary path at first, and the path you will meet only if you work really hard on it, having a good set of goals and finding ways to accomplish them! This path will drive you to places you never knew, and it will also give you the motivation to continue down on it, and at the very end of it, you will know how amazing it was to work for yourself!

There are many things you can do on Real Estate that will give you this professional freedom, you can become a Realtor and have a good marketing strategy in your area so that the community knows you, locking in a lot of potential clients for you to work with, as well as working hard con getting some good listings going; you also have to invest on Real Estate, and you can do that in many ways, as a matter of fact in our very first Real Estate Battle we gave you the best ideas for you to have a fun, involved and successful run with Real Estate investing for the very first time, check it here! As I was saying, investing can depend on your time availability, and that can go from investing passively on a property by yourself in a hot rental area and rent it out so you get a positive income every month, or investing on a distressed property and simply fixing it up to for sale a bit after for a much bigger return, you can also do some wholesaling, which can be the best idea if you want to start on the business, it can be a low-risk type of deal, and you will be able to learn about the process while also building up your buyers list, which in the future when you do decide to invest yourself, will give you the opportunity to have the perfect potential buyers for it!

You can also invest passively in bigger projects, such as syndications, or partner up with other investors to work on smaller projects that will benefit everyone involved, so you can try it out there! But ultimately, no matter how many types of ways I can tell you, the biggest and best way for you to achieve an early retirement and economic freedom is to do what you love and to do it for yourself! This will only give you the opportunity to see what you want from life, give you enough space to see yourself and your abilities to succeed, and that will be the key to a successful career!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and if you did, let us know in the comments what do you think about it!