This was a fantastic light rehab, this was our third one all around, and it was one of the easiest ones, and if you’re ever considering going into purchasing and doing light retouches here and there to flip it back into the market, consider this one around a level 3 difficulty, and try go for something like this. Also, this is a very different market from what we’re currently working with, so before we started investing in Florida, this was all we knew, it’s rather different, but the basics are here! Let’s break this one down!


The main renovation we had to do on this particular deal was the kitchen, it really needed some new cabinets and appliances, so we took advantage of that and renovated it, we changed a ton of stuff in it but that was our main renovation!


Once again there were a lot of changes, first thing we did was we changed and installed a brand new heater and AC systems, as it really needed change, we also installed new sliding doors, light fixtures, plugs and switches, and we installed new cabinets in the kitchen, and put up new floor on the laundry room! We also added a new carpet on the second floor and in the basement!


The first thing we did was clean the property and paint it throughout, then we move onto fixing the windows as some were damaged, fixed the fencing and painted it! The budget for this property went mostly towards fixing the plumbing, which was an issue that showed up while we were already working on it, which sometimes can happen, so keep some extra money for that type of situations. We fixed the deck, and painted it. There was also some fixing needed in the toilet, and the laundry room as well, so we made sure those were up and running perfectly.

Time Frame

The fixing process took longer than we expected, but it was great overall, we bought it on december of 2013, and put it back for sale around february of 2014, and sold it around april!


This property was bought for $170k, we spent $30k on the repairs, and we sold it back into the market for $235k, so it was a bit tight but still overall a great deal.



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