Working with Real Estate reputation can be key to help you grow, and it can also be your downfall if you don’t make it your priority to maintain it at the peak of its capacity, since it can be rather tough to grow your business in an era where news and reviews fly around, and for that you must keep your business working at a certain way so that they know exactly what to expect from you, this way you will get more and more clients the more you work into this business, so the question rises, how can you keep your business out of trouble? The answer is knowing how you where you can screw up!

1- Never fix your issues with your bad clients!

A bad client can be the death of your business, and it’s crazy to think that’s the way you can ruin the way your future clients view you and your company, since a bad review sticks out from a sea of good reviews, and can make people doubtful, which is exactly what you want to avoid at all costs! You will always have bad clients, but how you handle them is not up to them, is up to you, so don’t take it personal, remember it’s all business and if they ever do something that upsets you, instead of letting it escalate, simply remove yourself from the conversation and then once you’ve chilled come back to it and fix things over! Once again, yes, you will have difficult clients, but don’t let them be the end of your future deals!

2- Forget training!

There’s a reason why training is so important, so that you don’t mess up! There are so many mistakes to be avoided from training, from legal to rapport, it’s just the fact that you forget some basics so easily that can ruin you from the get go, and make you look extremely unprofessional which is what you want to avoid at all costs! As an investor or an agent, you feed a perception of who you are to your potential clients from the moment you meet them, and that has to be the image of a professional put together person, even if you are nervous! It can be rather difficult at first, but remember your training so that you don’t fluke your deals before they even start, that way they will be more willing to work with you right away!

3- Being too pushy!

You have to find a balance on how you deal with your clients and how they want to do the business, keeping in mind you are the expert here can always be helpful, however, don’t let the ego invade your head, as you will find it extremely difficult for them to trust you if you shut down their ideas and plans and put yours in place instead, without a second thought! Don’t push your concerns and ideas all of the time, maneuver your way around until you both are in the same page, which should be in the page you want them to in order for it to work best for you! Obviously, the client is always going to want to do things differently, but educate them and let them know how you know that would go down, and let them go into the conclusion of it not being a good idea on their own!

4- Let your emotions control your business!

We have covered don’t take it to heart on the first one, however, we as humans tend to let our emotions work around our life, from our relationships to our business, and here’s where this can be detrimental to your business, you stop thinking with your logic side, and go around with what your heart desires, and that’s not good! The idea of business is that it should be detached of your emotions, especially in Real Estate, it’s a business very emotion driven if you are an agent, and it can be very difficult to not get attached when you are an investor, since not only you invest money, you also invest time and energy into a property, and if you get bad results from it, you can feel very down and manage it through emotions instead of logic, so don’t let your emotions control your business, let your mind do it!

5- Trust blindly!

Any business mainly based on trust and not on facts is a sign that’s not necessarily on you should get involved in! While yes, you want your clients to trust you, you have to make sure that relationship is based on facts, such as numbers, stats and plans, and this should be the same thing with every single part of the business, don’t trust anyone blindly, not when business are in place, ask questions, get facts and make sure everything runs smoothly, since the reputation of your business relies not only on you, but on the people you have relationships with in a business manner, from contractor, to lawyers, to agents! Everyone you work with must be good at their job, and have things that secure you they do them properly, they have to have plans, stats, analysis, time frames, budgets and everything and anything you require from them.

What do you think about this? What are some mistakes you made that made you think you were done for? Remember there’s always a way to fix them over, they could be the end of your business, but if you are smart and prepared you can make sure they don’t! Remember to check out our website and see our other blog posts, and let us know what we should do next!