So much has changed through the last 10 years, the market fell and got back up, this business was no longer thriving the same way it was once before, however, a lot more has changed, and that has to do with the way we as individuals communicate and spend our time, and that has shifted the way we place our marketing in a heavily marketing-focused business such as Real Estate, from letters to social media, so much has changed in the last 10 years in the world, and so much will continue to do so!

The main focus of our marketing has always been just sales, however, in general, the view of sales has changed drastically with the uprising of the social media influencers, who are selling products and services to you through different platforms, the goal remains the same but the strategy has changed, and real estate is not free from this, as there are tons of influencer agents/investors who have changed the game and learned through the hardships how to get back up from the market’s fall.


1- Viewing Listings!


Before there were Youtube, Vimeo, and Instagram, there were not that many ways to showcase your properties, you could go over the property and show it, see some pictures of it, put it on little magazines and things like it, but now, you have so many different tools to help you showcase your latest deal that sometimes people can’t keep up, you have social media, the previously mentioned platforms, as well as so many new web tools to help you promote your properties. This doesn’t mean you don’t use the previous ways to promote them, it actually adds up! The biggest changes in the way we promote properties are literally that we have a larger to-do list of things!

The improvement with this is, honestly, reach! While it’s a larger to-do list to promote your property, it has also helped many reduce their time with the property and made the closing process a lot faster than what it was, and it can be seen as every year you see how much quicker it is, reducing drastically year after year!


2- E-mail Marketing!

This has changed so much over the last 10 years, but somehow it has also stayed pretty much the same! Wholesalers and investors have been using e-mail marketing for a long time since the e-mail pretty much was created, some might say they have abused this system and are well known for spamming, however, if you have compared the way it was done 10 years ago, it has changed drastically! For one, the spamming has gone down a ton (if you are working with the right peeps, at least), since so much has changed with how e-mails are received, and we are more worried about things like open rates, and click-through rate, the strategy of multiple e-mails a day is not good for us, what we want is for our potential clients to be able to see our listings, and thus, different strategies like 1 daily e-mail with a list of deals, or 5 a week, 3 a week, and so on and so forth!

The best part of this change is how much organized this is, you can see a clear change in style and content that goes inside of the e-mail itself, as many have experimented with promoting their blog posts in their lists of properties, as well as their videos and things like it,  work absolutely amazing for them!


3- Who is who?!

This one might be a weird sounding one, but marketing has changed one big thing in 10 years, and that is the branding of the agent, investor or wholesaler! It has made it a lot easier for a one-man standing kind of thing, you can now promote yourself and make a name for your brand using your own name, which in the long run makes everything much easier for you, and there are tons of examples of people who have succeeded in this who 10 years ago were getting out of the market crash, and now are well known people in this business, and now there are so many up and coming influencers of this side of the realm, which has made this business more and more profitable than it was before.

This has allowed for Real Estate to be more in the mind of people in the country, from TV to social media, this kind of marketing strategy has made this business have a side of profit that it didn’t necessarily have before, which in our opinion, has definitely changed the game when it comes to marketing on Real Estate, because being well-known also brings in more and more clients each time!


4- Networking!

Keeping up with everyone has been made easier through time, and this comes in handy when it comes to networking, you can keep up with their lives through social media, and keep yourself top of mind by engaging with everyone through this media, as well as the use of e-mail has become more of a staple, and the most accessible and easy thing to keep up these days, with phones that are basically a computer in hand, you can contact them with all sorts of great e-mails, from newsletter to quick “did you see this deal?” e-mails, you can keep yourself top of mind for your networking!

This also changed a lot when it comes to events, whereas before you’d be just talking and collecting cards, this time around you are taking selfies with those who you’d love to connect with, exchanging social platforms as well as talking about websites! We have moved so much in 10 years, that we are just very excited to see what the next 10 years will bring!


By the way, if you want your business to be super effective, apply a good mix of old school and new school, see what works best and what doesn’t but remember, keeping up with the times means a good relationship with the future of your business! If you like this one, remember we have more, so check out our website, and see more of this amazing Real Estate Content!