The most gratifying thing about investing on Real Estate is seeing how it turns out and that was exactly the case for this deal in 2735 Nw 4th Ct at Fort Lauderdale! This property was one of the best investments we made and it turned out to be one of our best success stories since it was bought super cheap and sold in less than a month, completely rented and making some positive cash flow which is every investor’s dream come true! This property did need a ton of work before it was one of our biggest successes! Let us tell you how this property was sold in less than a month with a section 8 rent of $1750 per month!


Our goal is to always make our investments as nice as possible so, for this deal we renovated both bathrooms, updating them, painting them and making sure they looked as good as possible. And in this line of thought we worked on the kitchen renovating it bit by bit making sure it looked homely! We also did a great paint job both inside and out, but the outside was rather difficult as the previous color kept showing through! Eventually we got it right, and moved into making sure the drywall was redone all over the house!


The main thing this property needed was flooring! There were around 4 different types of floors in this property and we decided to take it all away and put in new carpet flooring, along some tiles! We also installed the A/C brand new, along the electric panel, the alarm system and every light fixture, switches and outlets was installed and changed! We also made sure there was brand new drywall and crown moldings along the windows and baseboards! We also put up new appliances on the kitchen, which made it that much better! The funnest part was installing brand new closets, which made the rooms a lot more homier!


Plumbing! The main fix we did was plumbing all around! We also focused on windows, and doors! We fixed the roof which was a challenge, but one we were really happy with the results!


This house was bought in $93,500, and we sold it for $185,000, we invested around $55,000 in the repair, and we sold it rented for $1,750, with section 8.

Time frame

We bought it on november 15th, 2015 and it was put for sale on november of 2016, and officially sold on december 9th of 2016! The rehab of this property lasted around 5 months, and it was rented around a month after being offered for rent.




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