2644 NW 18 TER. OAKLAND PARK, FL 33311

This property was an incredible work of art, it was quite simple work to do and it didn’t have any major things to fix up, which made the work a lot easier, and the results all that more impressive! It is currently rented, with no plans on flipping it back into the market, sometimes you gotta let properties grow a bit of equity before you flip it back. This house wasn’t as challenging as our other works, but it was all the fun. This fantastic house is currently rented for $1550 per month!


There was not much to renovate in this house, it was more of a fix it up here and there, it was a quite easy thing to do, since it was mostly there, but needed some light retouches.


There was a brand new laundry installed, along with light fixtures, switches and plugs, and also new closet doors, which were desperately needed. The AC system was also changed, since it wasn’t working properly.


The landscaping needed a bit of work, along with a good paint job both inside and out, and it could be seen that the stairs on the front door needed some help, so they were also repaired.


This house was bought for $135k, and the repairs were only around $6k, and it can be worth around $170k if it was put up for sale right now!

Time frame

It was a quick buy, and it didn’t take very long until it was fully rented. It was bought on july of 2015, and it has been rented ever since it was fixed up.




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