One of our more recent fixer uppers was this amazing frame house in Fort Lauderdale, it was challenging and a fun quick one, it wasn’t as dramatic as the others we’ve had, but it was amazing nonetheless! At the time we bought it, it was occupied, so the first few weeks was moving and cleaning! We ended up paying around $120k for the house, plus the closing costs which ended up being $130k, so it was quite expensive for a fix and flip, but it was totally worth it, for sure! There were no legal issues with this property, which made the process easier and faster for sure! This fantastic deal became quite popular, and it was sold rather fast, it can be rented with section 8 for $1700!


The main renovation we did was the bathroom, we completely revamped it, was a big chunk of the budget, and it was actually the best idea for this deal! We also redid the baseboard, since it was starting to rot, as well as we took care of some of the doors that needed to be completely taken out and put new ones in.


We added in new appliances for the kitchen and laundry, along putting up screens on all of the windows. The main thing we installed and added to this house was a second bathroom, so we installed the plumbing for that area specifically, and build it up to a nice size. We also installed new lights, light fixtures, switches and plugs! Another fun thing we did, was we added in the closet doors, they were definitely needed.


As we do with all of our deals, we painted it inside and out, with that we also made sure we took care of all the windows that needed repair, and once it was done, we moved on to the kitchen, this kitchen was kept pretty much the same, so we dedicated to fix what was already there, and cleaned up the cabinets and countertops. On the outdoors we fixed up the landscaping, and worked on the fence to put it back together. We also just checked on the AC system, and did a maintenance round on it, cleaning it up and putting it up to date.

Time Frame

It took awhile for us to put this property back on the market, because once we fixed it, we rented it out for around $1700 with section 8. We bought it on july of 2016, and we finished fixing it and rented it since around october of that same year, we put it up for sale and got it closed on february of 2018.


We bought this house for $120k, plus the closing costs ended up being around $130k, and we invested only $20k on it, and we sold it for $195k.




You can send us your contact information, with the address that you want to offer, and we’ll contact you very soon!